Pets & CBD

The advent of CBD has been revolutionizing the way modern medicine is treating human illnesses, but does this translate over…

Athletes Turning To CBD

CBD is commonly know for alleviating aliments related to mental diseases such as:   Epilepsy Depression Bipolar   Also it…

Autism and CBD

What is Autism?   According to the American Psychological Association, Autism is “the most severe developmental disability.” Impaired social and behavioral interaction…
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CBD In a Nutshell

  A Real Life-Saver   In 2018, CBD products have been changing the lives of millions around the world. Doctors…
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HempMe Trade Show Tour Schedule

HempMe CBD products have been helping people all over the country improve their quality of life, with reduced pain, reduced…
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Can CBD Oil Improve Sleep?

Quality sleep is crucial for human emotional, physical and mental health, yet it eludes approximately 70 million Americans, according to…