CBD is commonly know for alleviating aliments related to mental diseases such as:


  • Epilepsy
  • Depression
  • Bipolar


Also it has a profound effect on helping people dealing with:


  • Acne
  • Stomach illness
  • Even Cancer symptoms


However, Most people aren’t aware that CBD can help athletes. It is growing in usage towards pain relief and there have been positive signs showing improved performance for athletes using CBD. It is replacing the common over the counter pain medications because it has the same general effectiveness but without negative side effects

Why does it work?

When muscles and tendons are stressed, the pain results from inflammation. The typical pain medications such as Ibuprofen work because of their anti-inflammatory nature, and CBD also has that special property. However, the pain medications currently being used and prescribed have shown In clinical studies to have harmful side-effects that can be devastating to anyone, especially athletes that need to be in prime condition. Some adverse consequences include:


  • Headaches
  • Nightmares
  • Restlessness
  • Nausea
  • Visual problems
  • Chest pains


And even more life threatening conditions can occur such as:


  • Gastrointestinal Ulcers
  • Gastrointestinal Bleeding
  • Kidney Disease
  • Heart Attacks


All of this can occur because of constant usage of common over-the-counter pain pills.

The Alternative

While CBD reduces inflammation, it does not carry any of the same risks. The consensus for the vast majority of studies is that CBD is safe to consume on a consistent basis. A meta-analysis of 132 studies confirmed humans have a positive relationship with CBD, as it can regulate the body’s functions without toxicity.


Athletes and trainers around the world are taking note of these studies and are implementing CBD into their daily routine and diet. Not only have they seen the benefits towards nutrition and pain relief, but they are also curious about potential increase in performance.


Healthy Sleep – Peak Performance

Everyone has learned, and it is constantly reinforced by clinical studies, that sleep is crucial to performing your best. One of the great benefits of CBD is its ability to give someone an uninterrupted deep sleep that revitalizes the body. Meanwhile, the other drugs cause the exact opposite in many cases because of the restlessness and nightmares as noted above.


In competition such as the UFC, Boxing, and other combat sports, proper sleep can be extremely difficult to obtain. Always worrying about the upcoming fight can put one’s sleep schedule in disarray. This is why CBD usage is rapidly growing with fighters. The list includes:


  • Nate Diaz
  • Nick Diaz
  • Donald Cerrone
  • Mike Perry
  • Shannon Briggs


The fighters above range from tactical masterminds to those that can deliver extreme power and knockouts consistently.

More Relaxation – More Preparation

Top athletes are in a constant state of anxiety. There is constant pressure from the opposition to become the best. They practice, study their opponents, practice, and practicesome more. There is little chance for resting the mind. CBD helps people handle that mental stress and allows for them to focus on recovering in peace. This allows for players to return to practicewith afreshmindandable to think creatively.


This also translates well when actually performing,  not being overly preoccupied with stress. Being a quarterback in the NFL means constantly being the target of massive defensive players that will close in on you in just 3 seconds. The only way to avoid being sacked and potentially injured is to make quick decisions while being calm and collected.



Body Regulation – Peak Fitness

Trying to maintain a perfect physique is challenging for even the most determined athlete. CBD helps with weight loss that can be extremely important when fighters need to be at a certain weight. Instead of tryingdangerousanddehydratingmethods to make the weight, there are others using CBD to reduce their reliance on cutting right before the event.


Former Athletes Speak Out

There is a long list of former professional athletes at the highest levels that are vouching for the universal usage of CBD in their respective sports. One of the main concerns for those in the NFL especially are the prominent opioid addictions that surround athletes.


Even in sports like Baseball that seem relatively injury free, the sheer amount of games they play without stopping wears down their bodies and causes them to use serious pain medication.

An Easy Solution

If CBD was recognized more in today’s sports, there would be drastically less opioid addictions. Athletes that are retired with serious aliments that were once abusing opioids are now eliminating their painful conditions with CBD.


Former NFL Player Larry Chester was quoted saying:


“CBD Saved My Life”


Just a simple google search will reveal a litany of anecdotal evidence, backed by scientific research and statistics, that shows CBD to have an extraordinary impact on opioid usage and addiction. Some sources say where CBD was legalized there was a 25% in Opioid usage within the first couple years.


No More Misconceptions


There is a wide-range of uses for CBD that extend beyond medical needs. This compound has been shown to improve the body’s regulatory functions without harmful side-effects like those in similarly acting drugs. Scientific analysis so far has shown CBD to be non-toxic within reasonable amounts (1500ml daily) while providing results that the medical community is in astonishment of. There have been so many avenues for which CBD can be used that it can feel unreal or “Too good to be true.” But as of today, it appears to be a revolutionary substance that we learn more and moreabout what it could potentially cure.


Athletes are becoming more inclined to use CBD over the average pain medications and not just for pain. The beneficial effects go way beyond the anti-inflammatory nature of CBD:


  • It helps regulate sleep
  • Relieves anxiety
  • Contributes to weight loss


The only reason not to use CBD is if you’re struggling with money,because nowmore than ever, the vast amount of research found, has pointed to positive outcomes in every field. Everyone, not just the sick and athletes, can benefit from an improved immune system, better sleep patterns, and reduced anxiety.