Cannabidiol (CBD) consumption has been known to offer many therapeutic as well as medical benefits. Most people, however, are majorly concerned with how long it lasts in their system. This concern arises due to a couple of reasons. Maybe you’re undergoing a drug screening at your workplace, and you’re uneasy about whether they are testing for THC or CBD. While CBD testing occurs on very rare occasions, it does happen… and although risks are meant to be taken, you wouldn’t want to take this one.

This article seeks to delve deep into finding out the length of time CBD stays in the body. First, it’s important for us to revisit the basics to have a better understanding of CBD.

Effects of CBD in the Body

Media can be very persuasive when it comes to trying out something new, whether positive or negative. Once you purchase a product containing CBD, your first instinct will probably to find out what it does to your body. If, by any chance, you’ve never consumed products with CBD, here’s what you should know..

CBD is extracted from the somewhat controversial plant, cannabis. You may, however, find it ironic that it is not at all intoxicating in any way. The overall effect it has on the mind, emotions, and behavior comes exclusively from THC. This is why you may notice that drug tests are mostly revolving around traces of THC and not CBD.

When it comes to how it affects your normal system functions, CBD has little to no effects at all. However, research shows CBD to be an antidepressant, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic (pain reliever).

Because of this, most individuals report a slight rise in their body temperature. Many others report that their mind-chatter is rather slowed down. Though they may feel peaceful, they are always on the lookout. Of course, numerous factors come into play when it comes to the effect CBD has on the body. Major factors include the dosage and also the means by how it is consumed.

How Long Before CBD Takes Effect?

This is among the most asked questions by most of the new CBD users. This question should be regarded as a highly useful one as it gives you room to plan for a means of delivering and a dosing schedule that you will be comfortable with.

When it comes to the length of time before an actual effect takes place, it all boils down to the method of consumption. Below are different means of consumption and the period before they take effect.

1. Via Consumption
CBD comes in various forms – the most common being edibles. Chocolate, gummy bears, diet shakes and smoothies are among the most common. The effects, however, occur in a rather delayed manner (approximately 20 minutes to 1 hour) in edibles. This is because they have to be absorbed into your system through digestion. If ever you happen to consume them on an empty stomach, the time before CBD takes effect will be drastically shortened.

2. Via Sublingual Tissue
It is important to note that this is the most effective way to introduce CBD oil into your system. If you wish to try it out, just put limited drops of the oil beneath your tongue, then hold it for approximately 60 seconds.

3. Via Smoking or Vaporizing
Either of these methods will cause CBD to be absorbed into the body system through the lungs. This method has a high rate of efficiency as the CBD goes directly into your bloodstream. When smoking or vaporizing CBD, it will not take time before it starts taking effect. It typically takes a couple of minutes.

4. Via Application
When combating persistent aches and pains, taking CBD via application is another option. Even though this may not be the best method of taking in CBD, it still works. Why is this? Once the CBD oil comes into contact with your skin, it gets absorbed through the pores. Since the pores are numerous and minute, they will take long (about an hour or more) before they can incorporate it into your system for the intended effect.

How Long Do CBD Effects Last?

Again, this solely depends on a number of factors including the dosage size and mode of consumption. As obvious as it may be, it is important to point out that more significant doses of CBD have longer lasting effects. This factor also varies from one person to the other. The unique nature of every individual makes it next to impossible to give a clear timeline of how long effects may last.

If you want to know how long your effects last, take a certain dose yourself (2-5mg), then time yourself based on how you feel. Self-assessment and experimentation are a means to the discovering how long the effects of CBD will linger in your system. This will, later on, assist you to determine the proper dosing schedule that gives you your desired results.

How Long Does CBD Stay in the Body?

With the medical revolution of CBD in recent years, it is a no-brainer as to why most people are particularly interested in the length of time CBD stays in the system. There is, however, no clear answer to this frequently asked question. There is a Pharmacology, Biochemistry, and Behavior study which has done its best in providing an insight to this point of interest.

In a study that lasted six weeks, participants took considerable doses of CBD. When they were tested for CBD a week later without dosing, no traces of CBD were found in their system. The study showed that the effects of CBD lasted for one week and that there were no notable differences between the male and female individuals. Though factors such as usage, weight, mode of consumption, frequency and intensity might have affected this assessment, this is a subjective individual conclusion.

Unfortunately, no studies have been performed to ascertain how long CBD stays in your hair, urine or saliva. Your saliva, however, offers clear pharmaceutical evidence for approximately an hour to twenty-four hours. , on the other hand, keeps a record of your pharmaceutical usage throughout your entire life.


There isn’t an exact time frame which CBD stays in the body. Remember: under no circumstances should you take CBD oil in large amounts, unless advised by your doctor or physician. Additionally, don’t purchase CBD products from places you don’t trust. Instead, do your research on reputable CBD oil manufacturers who do more than sell the product. They should indicate the exact amount of THC present within the CBD product.